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2015 Little League Recap


2015 KFS Little League Recap

Our team played their final game this week and unfortunately did not advance to the next game in the finals. There were many tears but I would not have it any other way!!!! It showed me that they cared about the outcome and wanted to compete some more!!! That is when they found some personal commitment to the team and themselves.

I feel without personal commitment and without personal accountability and ownership, Athletes’ development efforts may amount to “going through the motions.” Athletes who are clear on what matters most to them are better able to manage their personal and professional growth in the class room and on the field. They are also more likely to demonstrate individual accountability for development and maintain momentum when obstacles arise and handle the situation professionally. These kids did just that!

Over the years I have found that each athlete/youth defines “good coaching” differently. That means successful coaching depends on the ability of the leader and at certain time. I fell I must wear a different hat at all levels to determine what kind of coaching each of them needs. It just might take a little encouragement or even a pat on the back to recognize the individual for their efforts, but tonight I could see the enthusiasm, the dedication and the Commitment these kids had for each other and the game!!! They had a blast and I am happy I and the other coaches had the opportunity to be a small part of these kid’s lives and I hope they will remember it for a long time, I know I will!

Thanks for your help and your personal commitment to the Little League and these kids!


Nicholas Montoya

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